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Community Standards Bylaw

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As we move into the summer months, the Edson Protective Services Department would like to remind all residents of some key components of the Community Standards Bylaw.
Grass-cutting, Lawns and Boulevards - Lawns and boulevards are required to be maintained at a length of no more than 15 cm. All vegetation including grass, shrubs, hedges, and any other plant life also need to be regularly maintained on your property, adjoining boulevards, and alley ways, so that is does not create an unsightly condition or nuisance.
Accumulation of waste on a property, unsightly conditions, and noise are also considered under the Community Standards Bylaw.
For more details on the Community Standards Bylaw visit www.edson.ca/bylaws.
To report an issue, please use the Report-a-Problem feature on our mobile app or website. This allows the issue to be tracked and for proper follow up if requested.