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Council Notes - May 17th, 2022

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Council Notes - May 17th, 2022

Public Hearings. A Public Hearing was held for Bylaw 2276, amending the Intermunicipal Development Plan. The amendments capture some of the changes made by Yellowhead County in their updated bylaw.  The adjustments do not change the context or purpose of the IDP. There were no submissions at the Public Hearing and Council gave second and third reading to the bylaw.

A Public Hearing was also held for a Development Permit application for a change of use and addition at 4921 6th Avenue. The proposed application includes a 40% increase in floor area at the front of the existing building for use as an eating and drinking establishment, while maintaining the existing residential unit. The property is located in a Direct Control zone. There were no submissions at the Public Hearing and Council gave approval to the permit.

2022-2025 Strategic Plan. Council has approved their 2022-2025 Strategic Plan as presented. The Strategic Plan provides vision, priorities, and values to help guide Council and will be available on the Town’s website in the coming weeks. There are 5 main pillars within the plan, including:

  • Creating a Connected Community that is Safe and Inclusive
  • Fostering a Robust and Adaptable Economy
  • Responding to a Changing Global Environment
  • Ensuring Quality Infrastructure
  • Providing Effective Leadership and Community Engagement

Economic Development Workplan. Economic Development Officer Kundiso Nyambirai presented Council with an Economic Development Workplan that he will be using moving forward. The workplan focuses on building an economic development presence, supporting the existing business community, and enhancing the Town’s online presence with both information and data. This was accepted as information.

Library Board. As earlier board member appointments didn’t have clear term expiry dates listed, Council has affirmed current and new library board members with the additional expiry dates added. The Town Council appointment was also adjusted to expire at the Organizational meeting each year to coincide with internal Council appointments.

Proclamation. Council has proclaimed the week of June 6-12 as Seniors’ Week in the Town of Edson. During this week the Town will be hosting numerous events including a seniors’ pancake breakfast, free aquafit course, seniors’ walking group, an Art in the Park event, and more.

Next meetings - The next Council meeting is scheduled for June 7th, 2022, at 7:00 pm. The next Committee of the Whole meeting is scheduled for June 14th, 2022, at 7:00 pm.

Agenda/Information package HERE

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