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Evacuation Centres Update

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Update May 6, 19:30

Yellowhead County and Edson Evacuees in Jasper and Hinton:

Similar to Hinton, Jasper may lose power due to the wildfires in the Edson area.

If you are self-contained evacuee such as staying in an RV or Trailer in Hinton or Jasper, then please be prepared for a possible extended power outage. You can continue to shelter in place if you have enough supplies to self-sustain.

A possible power outage will also affect hotels and residences. You may need to make your way to other areas or make other arrangements.

Make a plan, be prepared with fuel and supplies, and at this point you can decide if/when you want to travel further.

Those staying at the Jasper or Hinton Evacuee Reception Centre: Jasper is working with Yellowhead County and Edson’s Emergency Social Services to make arrangements if necessary. If required, a bus is on standby at the Jasper Reception Centre to take you to Hinton’s Reception Centre.

Any questions, please contact the Yellowhead and Edson Evacuation Info Centre at 1-833-334-5630 for details and more information on this situation.


Evacuee Reception Centres:
Hinton: Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre
805 Switzer Drive, Hinton
Jasper: Jasper Activity Centre
303 Bonhomme Street, Jasper
Call 1-833-334-4630 for more information