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Evacuation Preparedness

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The Evacuation Order is being downgraded at 6pm today to a 4-Hour Evacuation Advisory while the wildfire risk remains.

It’s important to remember that this fire is still only about 2 kms south of Edson and weather conditions can change quickly.

This fire is a BEAST. It’s over 300,000 hectares in size (4.5x the size of Edmonton) and has over 1000km of fire line around it.

While we hope it doesn’t come to this again, please stay ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice. Some great evacuation preparation tips can be found here - https://www.alberta.ca/prepare-to-evacuate.aspx

• Stay informed.
• Create an emergency plan.
• Strengthen your social network.
• Pack an emergency kit.
• Have a plan for your pets.
• Prepare financially.
• Plan for transportation.

If another evacuation is required, we may not have the time we’ve had previously. While we hope it doesn’t come to that, please be prepared.