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FCSS Advisory Board

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The Town of Edson is looking for six members for the new FCSS Advisory Board!
Application forms and more information can be found at www.edson.ca/town/boards.
Both Town and County residents are eligible to apply.

The Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) program promotes and enhances the well-being of Albertans, families and communities. FCSS programs are intended to help individuals adopt healthy lifestyles, improve their quality of life and build capacity to prevent and deal with crisis situations should they arise.

Interested in becoming an FCSS Advisory Board member?

The Board's main functions will be to advise Council on:

  • The formulation of plans and priorities regarding Family and Community Support Services
  • The establishment of new programs, public or private, designed to prevent the emergence of social problems or provide support to families and the community;
  • The recommended approval, deferment, or rejection of Family and Community Support
    Services projects and applications received through the office of the CAO;
  • The recommended approval or denial by Council of applications for Town FCSS grants;
  • The recommended programs, facilities, or other matters for consideration in the Family and
    Community Support Services budget.
  • All other matters affecting the development of Family and Community Support Services

Please view our Bylaw for more details:


If serving your community in this capacity interests you, please APPLY!