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Fire Restriction In Effect

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Fire Restriction - Effective June 2, 2023, at 1315 hrs, the Town of Edson is lifting the total fire ban and placing a FIRE RESTRICTION.

There is still a risk of fire due to the continued dry and windy conditions. This FIRE RESTRICTION will remain in place until sufficient moisture levels are reached.


- NO Open-Air Burning Permits will be issued.
- The discharge of fireworks is strictly prohibited.

Allowed under this RESTRICTION;
- OHV restriction is no longer in effect
- Citizens may use cooking and heating appliances such as BBQ's, and patio heaters fueled by liquid fuel such as propane or natural gas.
- Recreational fire pits, Outdoor fire pits are only permitted in approved firepits when the winds are below 15 k/hour.

NOTE: How to safely enjoy a campfire in Edson:

Keep campfires small and only in designated and approved fire pits.

Never leave a flame unattended.

Completely extinguish campfires with water. Soak it, stir it, and soak it again until it is cool to the touch before leaving it.

Fire Officials will continue to monitor conditions and update the public at www.edson.ca

You can also visit www.albertafirebans.ca to find current advisories and bans throughout Alberta.

Please report any wildfire or fire to 9-1-1
or call 310-FIRE.

For additional information call (780) 723-3178


Water Ban - The water ban is now lifted for the Town of Edson. The recent rain and reduced fire risk has allowed operations to resume as normal. Crews will continue to monitor water levels and evaluate the risk throughout the summer months to ensure levels remain adequate for community use and fire emergencies.