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Recreation Multi-Use Facility Update – Sept 21, 2022

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More progress has been made towards the construction of a Multi-Use Facility for the region.

A facility condition assessment has been completed by Dialog Architecture and Engineering to determine the potential to adapt and reuse the Edson and District Leisure Centre for the YCE Multi-Use Facility.  The report indicates that the current Leisure Centre has much potential for renovation and re-use, with the exception of the swimming pool.  The report indicates that, while the swimming pool facility is still safe for current use, it has many deficiencies which must be rectified to extend its useful life and a complete new build of a swimming pool facility is likely a more logical option to consider. The report has been accepted by the Steering Committee.

The next phase for this project includes the development of concepts for consideration by the Steering Committee, with a final concept being utilized to amend the grant application for funding.

Yellowhead County and Town of Edson Administration will continue working with the architectural team to refine concepts to include all the desired components of the original plan: two ice arenas, a leisure and competition pool, a curling rink, a walking track and an exercise area.  The goal is to have a final concept forwarded to both Councils for consideration before the end of 2022.