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Road Reconstruction

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Road Work (62nd Street and 53rd Street)

Road Reconstruction work is scheduled in the following locations over the summer.

  • 53rd Street – July 25, 2022
  • 62nd Street (Skyview) – August 15th, 2022

This process requires excavating the entire street and rebuilding the structure. Please DO NOT PARK of the street during this time. Driveway access may also be limited during construction. Border Paving has been contracted to do this work and has committed to working with residents during this time to assist with getting items to the homes when necessary, discussing parking options, and to work with the homeowners and GFL to ensure garbage/compost is picked up as well. Hours of work will be approximately 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday.

See the full resident letters and maps

Please ensure children and pets stay clear of the construction zone and drive with caution near the site and along the haul routes. Weather could delay construction start and completion dates.