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Rural Renewal Stream Temporary Suspension

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The Town of Edson is taking a step back from the Alberta Advantage Immigration Rural Renewal Stream program.  This decision has been driven by a few primary factors:

Resource Allocation: The program demands a significant commitment in terms of local staff resources. Given recent staffing challenges, the Town is finding it difficult to allocate the necessary resources to this initiative.

Program Concerns: The Town has identified administrative concerns, alongside gaps in the program's validation and reporting processes. These concerns have been formally communicated to the Province for further review.

The Town remains deeply committed to Council’s strategic priority of Fostering a Robust and Adaptable Economy. In alignment with this, we maintain an open stance towards reevaluating this initiative, and similar initiatives, as circumstances evolve.

The Town also holds a strong belief in bolstering our local economy and remains committed to addressing labour shortages and ushering in economic growth and opportunities for our residents but must do so with due diligence.