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Snow and Ice Control Policy

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We hate to say the ‘S’ word, but the Town of Edson is gearing up for snow season. At last week’s Council Meeting the Snow and Ice Control policy was approved by Council.

There are some key changes from previous years.

  • Neighbourhood collector routes added as Priority #3 to help relieve pressure in residential zones prior to full residential snow clearing in Priority #4.
  • Cemetery roads are now included in Priority Route #1.
  • Parking lots have been added as Priority Route #5.
  • Additional equipment is being considered in the upcoming 2023 proposed budget.
  • Earlier this year a "Snow event" was changed from 5cm to 10cm of accumulated snow. This change will allow crews to get to other areas that haven’t been serviced yet, rather than redoing a street that may only be lightly covered with a minor snowfall.

For more details, including a listing of the full policy and priority route maps, visit www.edson.ca/snow. This is also where updates will be provided throughout the winter, as well as on Facebook and our mobile app.

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