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State of Local Emergency / Town Ops

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While the risk of wildfire in the area still remains, the fire south of Edson has seen little growth in the past few days and the Edson Emergency Coordination Centre has made the decision to let the State of Local Emergency (SOLE) lapse today. The Emergency Coordination Centre is also standing down at this time. Both can be reactivated at any time.

While there is a reduced risk to the Town of Edson at this time, we encourage everyone to remain prepared in the event conditions change. A 4-hour evacuation advisory is still in effect and the Town continues to be in daily contact with wildfire experts and crews on the ground.

Please note that the fire and water bans will remain in place in Edson at this time and will be reviewed as weather and fire conditions change.

The Town office will remain closed Monday, but phones will be on. There is required maintenance, mechanical, and water checks to be completed at our facilities and the restarting of air and ventilation systems. Deep cleans will also take place in preparation for a safe return of our staff.

Please be patient as we work on the resumption of programming. Staff are focussed on maintaining essential services only at this time and we’ll be resuming normal operations over the next several weeks.

Please continue to watch our website and Facebook page for updates.