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Statement regarding the Edson Pound

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The Town of Edson is aware of a social media post regarding an animal in the care of the Edson Pound.

While we are saddened with the outcome of this situation, we can assure residents that animals in the care of the Edson Pound are checked on throughout the day and the staff are committed to the animal’s safety. The care given is well beyond the minimum under the Animal Protection Act. If there are any signs of duress or injury, that animal is taken to the vet for care. In the past, staff have administered medications for animals in our care as well.

An investigation into this matter is being conducted and on-going.  We take the health and well being of animals in our care seriously and are reviewing our current policy and practices to establish best practices moving forward. Initial interviews indicate that, on visual inspection of the cat prior to releasing it, no staff had noted any blood, vomiting, or other signs of duress. The volunteer had also not indicated any concerns to staff at the time of pickup. Two other cats were also transferred at that time. Again, the investigation is ongoing, and we continue to ensure the well-being of all animals in our care.

As this is a pound and not a shelter, there are some limitations with staffing and space, but we continue to work hard to ensure care for all animals that we receive. This includes keeping the animals warm and fed, making arrangements with local rescues and vets, and doing our best to reconnect pets with their owners.

We encourage residents who are able to adopt or foster animals through local animal rescues to do so, as we want to ensure that all animals have a safe and loving home. 

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