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Structure Protection Unit

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The Town of Edson has a new piece of equipment in place to help protect the community in the event of a wildfire.

In 2023, the Edson Fire Department had budgeted for a new Structure Protection Unit (SPU), and it has now been delivered and put into service. The unit consists of a number of pumps, sprinklers, hose, and other equipment that can be quickly deployed as a wildfire approaches.

“The new SPU will allow crews to quickly and efficiently set up sprinkler protection around the community to help protect homes in the event of an approaching wildfire. It’s an effective tool that can help reduce the impact of fire and embers and help prevent the loss of homes and other important infrastructure.”
-Edson Fire Chief Brad Milton

Town Council set aside $250,000 for this project in the 2023 budget, and it was carried over to 2024 based on the manufacture and delivery times. The final cost for the SPU was approximately $215,000.

“With the wildfire emergencies of 2023, and the increasing fire behaviour in recent years, this project was a priority for Council as we move to increase Edson’s emergency preparedness. Having this equipment on hand will give our fire crews the resources they need to act quickly to protect homes in our community.”
-Edson Mayor Kevin Zahara.

Over the next few weeks, Edson fire crews will be out testing the new equipment and conducting some practical Wildland Urban Interface training.