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Thank You to Edson Residents

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While we’re eternally grateful to the first responders and staff for their work through the recent emergencies, there’s another group that deserves a HUGE thank you.

Our residents!

We’ve been through the ringer in the last two months with two evacuations due to wildfire risks and a major flood emergency.

One comment we’ve received numerous times throughout all incidents has been the kindness and respect shown by our Edson residents.

Whether it’s stopping firefighters in the street to express gratitude, the businesses offering free or discounted services, even the positive nature and gratitude shown by our residents at the reception centres, it’s been amazing to see.

We are resilient, and we will come back even stronger.

THANK YOU EDSON for your kindness and compassion, your patience and understanding, and just for being amazing representatives of your community.

We’ve pulled together like we always do, taking care of each other and marching forward.

#EdsonStrong #EdsonProud