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Town of Edson Fire Ban

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The Town of Edson is reinstituting a full fire ban, effective immediately. The fire hazard rating for the region, including the Town of Edson, is EXTREME right now.

“This ban is a result of hot, dry, and predicted windy conditions, and the ongoing wildfire activity in the area. We need to be able to focus on the wildfire situation at this time.”

-Edson Fire Chief Brad Milton

Any Existing Fire Pit Permits AND Open-Air Burn Permits for the Town of Edson are now suspended until further notice. No new permits will be issued.

 This FIRE BAN affects ALL BURNING, including cooking/warming fires (backyard fire pits and campground fire pits), and other open burning such as brush pile fires. This Fire Ban also includes, charcoal briquettes, deep fryers (e.g. turkey fryers), tiki torches and wood fires in outdoor recreation facilities such as group campsites, gazebos, tee pees, and wood burning stoves inside tent-like structures. Additionally, Fireworks discharges are NOT ALLOWED.

This ban extends to all properties within town limits, as well as Willmore Park.

Propane or Natural Gas BBQs, and wood pellet smokers are allowed. Ensure that your propane or natural gas appliance is shut down after use.

 The situation will be reviewed as conditions change.

Please report any wildfire or fire to 9-1-1 or call 310-FIRE.

For additional information call (780) 723-3178.