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Recreation Multi-Use Facility Update

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Work continues by the Town of Edson and Yellowhead County towards the construction of a Multi-Use Facility for the region.

Unfortunately, due to inflationary pressures in the construction industry, the Request for Proposals for the Hillendale site came back substantially over budget. The project team was tasked with looking at alternatives which can achieve similar results, but within the approved $70 million budget.

In June, six high-quality proposals were received from consultants to evaluate the possibility of revamping the existing Edson and District Leisure Centre to see how it could be upgraded and worked into the community needs and program requirements. It would also need to fit into the scope previously approved for federal funding.

The successful consultant will conduct a condition assessment for major building components and complete a conceptual design and cost estimate. The updated plan is expected to be complete by December 2022 and will be submitted to the funding agency for approval at that time.

Both municipal Councils, as well as the Project Steering Committee, are continuing to meet and remain committed to ensuring a facility is developed for the community that meets the region’s needs now and into the future.