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Council Notes - May 2nd, 2023

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Council Notes - May 2nd, 2023

MLA Delegation. West Yellowhead MLA Martin Long provided Council with a Provincial Update and answered a few questions regarding funding, policing, and provincial downloading onto municipalities.

2023 Mill Rate Bylaw. Council has passed the 2023 Mill Rate Bylaw. The mill rate refers to the amount of tax payable per $1000 of a property’s assessed value and is used to generate the municipal taxation revenue required by the Town. There are also mill rates calculated for School, and Evergreens (Seniors) requisitions, which are amounts the Town is required to collect for third parties. For more information and details on the rates, visit www.edson.ca/taxes.  

Estimated tax breakdowns can be viewed by using the tax calculator on our website. https://www.edson.ca/departments/corporate-services/tax-calculator.

Sidewalk, Facility, and Trails Snow/Ice Clearing. Bylaw 2289, the Community Standards Amending Bylaw, was given all three readings. This exempts properties with sidewalks along the highway corridor from the standard 72-hour snow clearing timeline as the Town of Edson would take over that responsibility moving forward. This comes into effect in September and there will be communication with the public and impacted business owners prior to the change. The Sidewalk, Facility, and Trail Snow and Ice Control Policy was also approved with some noted changes to the maps to clarify priorities, timeline targets, and operational guidelines. This was a Council driven request to enhance the walkability of out highway corridor.

Alberta Municipalities Resolutions. Council approved the Town of Edson to second two motions being placed at the 2023 Alberta Municipalities Convention and Trade Show. The first is a motion being placed by the Municipality of Jasper calling for legislative/programmatic change to increase protections for vulnerable residential tenants, expand financial supports, and increase housing availability. The second motion is from the Town of Rocky Mountain House calling for the Province to aid rural municipalities in the development of affordable housing units, to invest in homelessness prevention and mitigation through the leveraging of federal funds, to support shelter spaces and transitional opportunities, and to invest in health and support services.

Redundant Policies and Procedures. In alignment with the Strategic Plan, which sets out the goal of ensuring the Town's policy framework is continuously improved, Administration has conducted a preliminary analysis of policies and procedures. While more review is necessary, several redundant and outdated policies and procedures were identified and 14 have now been repealed.

Director of Emergency Management (DEM). General Manager of Community and Protective Services Bob Beck has been appointed as the Director of Emergency Management for the Town of Edson.

Next meeting - The next Committee of the Whole meeting is set for May 9, 2023, at 7:00 pm. The next Council meeting is scheduled for May 16, 2023, at 7:00 pm.

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