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EDLC Fire Alarm Deficiencies

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Following a recent inspection, major deficiencies were identified with the Edson and District Leisure Centre (EDLC) fire alarm system. As such, processes need to be put in place to keep the facility operational while the issues are resolved.

In order to remain open, and ensure the safety of our staff and patrons, a "fire watch" must be put in place until the alarm system is repaired or replaced. A fire watch is responsible for patrolling the entire facility at regular intervals to ensure there is no fire emergency. This is mandatory to continue operations and must be in place 24 hours a day until the alarm system is operational.

As we work out potential staffing arrangements, McStrong Safety Services will be conducting fire watch starting this evening.  

As this issue is being resolved, every effort will be made to maintain operations as close to normal as possible.

If you are attending the facility, please note the evacuation protocol, which will be three long blasts of an air horn. If you hear this, please evacuate the facility.

We will be providing more updates as details are worked out and timelines are known.