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Current Wildfire Info - Feb 26, 2024

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While the wildfire danger is low right now, we want everyone to keep fire safety in mind year-round. Don’t forget about our FireSmart Days drop-in sessions Feb 28 and March 4 from 2pm to 7pm at the Galloway Museum.

Here is some important information on our current wildfire situation from Alberta Wildfire.


  • There are six "carry over" wildfires from the previous year still listed in our forest area. They are all classified as under control. Of these wildfires, one is human-caused, four are caused by lightning and two remain under investigation. These wildfires may not be active at the moment but will stay listed until forest officers are certain they are fully extinguished.

  • It may take several weeks or months before these carryover wildfires are classified as extinguished. A high level heat scan will be conducted with an aircraft when specific ground and moisture conditions are met. Too much snow or rain can cover hotspots which won’t be picked up by the scanner.

  • The wildfires will continue to be monitored for activity and responded to by local wildland firefighting crews when needed.

  • None of these wildfires pose a threat to any communities or properties, including the Town of Edson.

To learn more about wildfire classifications, click here.

Visit this website and click on the interactive map to view active wildfires, their locations and stats on the wildfire dashboard.

See regular wildfire updates by following the link below.