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Tiffin Booster Station Update

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Crews will be on-site at the Tiffin Booster station next week as work continues on repairs to a leak on the intake pipe at the facility.

This is a complex repair as both the intake and distribution pipes run under the foundation of the building. There is limited space to work inside the building and any excavation in the floor or foundation needs to consider the structural integrity of the building. The Town is in contact with contractors who specialize in re-lining pipes as well as one with experience making repairs in confined spaces.

Next week, a contractor will be on site to hydro-vac a small excavation in front of the building. This is also complicated with a shallow utility right-of-way that runs in front of the building, containing a high-voltage power line. This excavation will give the repair contractors the ability to further assess the best repair options.

We’re hopeful that the repairs can be made, and the Booster Station can be up and running again early in April. This will be contingent on contractor availability and what is found during the excavation.

We understand the frustration and inconvenience of lower water pressure, and appreciate your patience while repairs are underway.

In the event of an emergency such as a structure fire, the system can be started again till the emergency is under control.

Questions or concerns can be directed to the Utilities Department by calling the Edson Public Works Office, Monday to Friday (7:30am-4pm) at 780-723-6461, calling our after-hours emergency number at 780-723-6300, or by emailing utilities@edson.ca.